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Exam Oriented Teaching Is Given Importance In The Top Schools

When it comes to a full-fledged academic process, examination becomes a part and parcel of the system. However, various issues are often raised against the examination-oriented education. People often say that the system drains out the joy of being a kid and at the same time spoil their childhood. But, things are way different if you contemplate it carefully. Although it may take away a bit of a your enjoyment, it might worth the sacrifice. In fact, examination based sytem helps judging a student in a streamlined way and at the same time encourage students to learn and gain knowledge. Quite obviously, it’s improving a student’s intellect as well as his knowledge. Hence, a lot of schools in Ahmedabad are taking significant steps to improve examination oriented.The Benefits of Examination-oriented System

The success of a proper examination oriented system is based on the guidance offered by the teachers and the rate of acceptance. The goal being same to excel in the examination, both the students and teachers engage in a knowledge sharing process. It also gives a sense of dedication to bosth parties and at the same time benefit both of them. By doing this, students will be focused on their studies and consequently the process of teaching will be easier for the educators.

In fact, an examination focused system gives students a reason to study. And, once they have a reason for the work they are doing, the situation will be more encouraging for the students. They will have a goal and accordingly they will make efforts to win the race. No wonder, the class will be enagged in an in-depth learning purposes, while leaving no room for unwanted behaviour.

Studies reveal that students will be extremely motivated in such examination-oriented system. Moreover, they will be more interested about their rewarding academic career, which will automatically create a healthy competition among classmates. Each of the students will try their best to reach their goal and do improvements. At the sames time, teachers will also find a good way to help and teach each student. In this way, both will strive for success as single unit.

The Motive of Learning

Broadly speaking, the whole point of education or studying is gaining knowledge and unless they learn lessons from heart, students will certainly fail to grasp knowledge. Needless to say, with such a slight motivation students can surely get good grades during tests. The process will make things easier, thus knowledge sharing will be more of a fun and interactive session.

In the top ten schools of Ahmedabad, emphasis is given on the good grades. In fact, the urge to get good grades make students study hard, which automatically develops their learning potential. What’s more! Good grades will surely unlock a world of opportunities to the students, which will bring them a rewarding career. Whether, it’s for a professional career or higher education, students with good grades always attract the spotlight.

CBSE English Medium School Preparing Students For Life Challenges

Schools play an important role, as the city continues to grow at a rapid pace. Being the temples of learning and education they play a very important role in the shaping of any modern society, especially the ones that are growing and are developing, fast growing city like Ahmedabad.
Importance of schools and educational institutes:Modern and growing cities need responsible citizens, who are well educated aware of their duties towards society and can, discharge such duties as and when required. Education is very important in the overall development of societies, with the numbers, of educated people, improving; there is an improvement in the social behavior and life as well. People become more aware of the society they live in, their rights and responsibilities etc.

Also education helps in economic well being of the societies, as people learn different skills, required for performing jobs, setting up businesses and helping creation of wealth. Thus education is a process where in student tries to modify his character, develops a purpose, acquire skills, and knowledge. Many schools in Ahmedabad are known to impart education that is not only helping student acquire such skills for their employment but also makes them more socially responsible.

CBSE English Medium Schools

CBSE is a national based education system in India and this mode is taught in English, the official language of Asia. There are many schools that follow this board for imparting education to their students, as it commands greater respect among academic and industrial circles. The board has all the subjects which a state board follows, and are taught in English, also has education from primary, secondary to higher levels.

Some of the benefits of CBSE board are:

  • They follow the latest and updated curriculum, it is considered to be the most scientific curriculum in the entire nation. The board follow syllabus on par with global standards.
  • The CBSE board follows a very rational policy for topics to be included in the syllabus, so it does not create un- necessary pressure on student, while imparting the required knowledge and skills.
  • CBSE schools follow a very convenient and easy process to deliver the lectures, teachings and also for conducting exams etc.
  • The board is highly organized and run by professionals who plan things out carefully, example the date sheets of exams are released much before the exams, so the students can prepare well to face the tests.
  • It follows national based competitive standards in India.

There are many CBSE schools all around the nation, they can be found in every state, city, town etc. such is the popularity of these institutes. As such there are many CBSE schools in Ahmedabad that follow CBSE board and teach their curricula in English.

One such institute is Amrut schools in Ahmedabad, reputed as one of the oldest institute imparting quality education, for decades, follows both CBSE and Gujarat state Education board curricula Helping students attain physical, mental and intellectual growth, through a variety of academic initiatives, extracurricular projects etc. with the belief that good thoughts – good words – good deeds are what makes a student complete. CBSE English medium schools help students build a successful academic and a professional career as most of the nationwide competitive exams follow this board’s syllabi for conducting exams.

AmrutSchool Provide NCC Training in Ahmedabad

Full form of NCC is National Cadet Corps. The NCC aims at increasing spirit, comradeship, regulation, a secular attitude, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service along with young people or students. NCC also provides surroundings helpful to motivating young Indians to join the armed forces. NCC is a voluntary organisation for students of the schools. School students of the age of above 13 years can join as junior cadets and students from class XI and above, can join this organisation as senior cadets.

During training years, cadets get opportunity to attend various types of NCC camps. At the end of two years training, the cadets can appear for the certificate examinations. NCC plays a very leading role in inculcating social ethos in the youth of the country. It undertakes various social service activities like aid to the administration in times of calamities, preservation of environment and ecology, blood donation campaigns, literacy programs and construction and cleanliness drives

AmrutSchool is one of the NCC Training Center in Ahmedabad. School has big play ground for NCC training. Special NCC trainer’s officers give training to school students. School provides best training for his students. Amrut school is best NCC school in Ahmedabad.

NCC School In Ahmedabad
NCC School In Ahmedabad
NCC School In Ahmedabad
NCC School In Ahmedabad
NCC School In Ahmedabad
NCC School In Ahmedabad

Republic day Celebration in Amrut School

Republic Day is indeed a day of great pride and honor for Indians everywhere. On the occasion of Republic Day several schools and educational institutions organized the flag hoisting ceremony today.

The children participated actively in the Republic Day celebrations held on 26th January. Various events and programs consisting of parade, folk dances and cultural events were organized at the respective institutions by students.



DSC_0022The celebrations included march past by NCC cadets of Amrutschool Students

Amrutschool Students showcased marvelous dance performances by students.






Such school activities help to create awareness about our great freedom struggle in new generation. It is very important for the future generation to know the past because it enlightens them to act responsibly and stand for national causes.

The Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad is Firdaus Amrut Center

CBSE Board of education is one of the biggest and most reputed educational boards in India. It has its head office in Delhi. CBSE syllabus follows the global education standards. Millions of students all over various schools across India are educated under this board. There are primary, secondary and higher levels of education under the board. The students of this board get high quality education in all educational levels.The syllabus is highly updated, modified and meets international standards. CBSE news includes the latest news on modified syllabus, updated education pattern, board exams, etc. The board exam results of this board are very good, every year. The schools, affiliated under this board, deliver very high quality education to the students, at all education levels.

The medium of education of this board is English, which is the official language of India. Thus, the students of this board get good English education from their very childhood and become experts in this language. Thus, they face no further problems in their future educational and professional lives, where English is used everywhere.

When looking for the best CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad for your child then make sure that the school has a good campus and infrastructure. Amrut School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.

Firdaus Amrut Center where the syllabus is affiliated to Central Board and has classes ranging from LKG to 7th standard. For proper attention, the class strength is limited to 20-25 students and special care is given to each student for physical, mental & personality development.

Firdaus Amrut Center Pre-Primary School consists of Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. Amrut school have a team of dedicated teachers and support staff for handling the very young and fresh kids and to nurture them in such a fashion that for them education and school becomes a happy place to be and not a burden.

School have good infrastructure to provide complete learning and growth to the young minds and also imbibe good morals and manners from beginning. Lots of fun activities are carried out to make kids understand simple concepts and get more observant and sharp towards their surrounding.

Firdaus Amrut Center Primary School starts from 1st standard till 7th standard. The main philosophy of the school is the overall growth of the child and thus proper combination of academics and co-curricular activities are embedded in the curriculum. School goal is to bring out the capabilities of the student into light and then make them grow in an overall fashion.

The infrastructure is also planned in such a way that students have proper access to play ground, library and recreational amenities. Regular field trips and real time exposure is also provided to students as and when required. The maximum intake of students in class is restricted to 25 students enabling a dedicated personal interaction between teachers and students.

Firdaus Amrut Center High School starts from 8th standard till 10th Standard and is affiliated with Central Board for 10th Standard Board exams. The maximum intake of students in class is restricted to 25 students enabling a dedicated personal interaction between teachers and students.

Firdaus Amrut Center the Best CBSE Schools In Ahmedabad have the best teachers also who play an important role in shaping the child,s personality. Firdaus Amrut Center help the child to learn while growing. School believe that before children learn to read or write, they must effectively be trained to communicate intelligently and with confidence. They must nurture a rational mind capable of comprehending the world and its happenings.

Co-curricular Activities Provided by Amrut School

Co-curricular activities in school are those that are not a part of the regular academic curriculum. They are also known as extra-curricular activities. These activities are present across all levels of education. In some schools participating in these activities is compulsory whereas a few schools keep them voluntary. The activities are directed by the faculty and sometimes external help is also taken from experts. Such activities mostly include inter-house competitions, annual days, parent’s day, sports, performing arts, debates and much more.

Even the Indian Ministry of Education has made extra-curricular activities and sports compulsory in all schools recognized under the Indian systems. Any school that doesn’t comply with these regulations stands a chance to get De-recognized as a proper educational institution.

Amrut School develops extra curricular activities such as social services, cultural activities, professional training, physical training, etc for the student. The students at the school are encouraged to take part in curricular activities for their all round development. The curriculum activities at the school also include music, dance, arts and sports. Participation in curricular activities gives the students mental rest and also helps them to stay physically fit and healthy.

Playgrounds for

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basket Ball
  • Large Ground for field sports and Drills

NCC Training Center

Golf Training : The first school in Ahmedabad to offer the same.

We have good infrastructure to provide complete learning and growth to the young minds and also imbibe good morals and manners from beginning. So we are providing best facilities to our students. We maintain the entire infrastructure. With more than hundred schools in Ahmedabad, we are Top Ten School in Ahmedabad AmrutSchool.edu.in and see how their program and routines will fit the persona of your kid.

For more information click on this video.


Amrut school Provide Best Education in Ahmedabad

Amrut School is situated in Shahibaug in Ahmedabad. The school was established with a vision of providing excellence education to their students.

Amrut School is associated with excellence in quality of education and overall mentoring of its students. It started off as a small school, catering to the needs of population living nearby and with the aim of providing overall development and to make them true citizens of the country.

The school was established in 1965 with the objective of offering boys and girls a unique chance to learn, to create an atmosphere that allows them to enjoy the studying process and bring out their full potential; that makes them to work independently and as part of a team; that motivates them to be long term learners; that encourages them to interact with with the reasons of change and grow as accountable people and good humans.

The objective, aim and drive of these educational institutions is to provide the child with the excellent technological proficiency enabling them to move with quality and efficiency in the modern world.

With modifying circumstances and across the globe and the introduction of new technology, there is a lot that needs to be done with regards to making our students world ready. To serve the same, They have now presented Sensible Category idea in organization with Educomp Solutions Limited. Amrut school  also feel proud to say that ours is the second largest facility of multimedia and computer enabled learning in the country.

Parents are always focused to provide the best to education and learning for their children: a firm foundation in knowledge and skills and enduring values. Mother and father are therefore important to the understanding of our objectives for students. A continuous, creative partnership amongst parents, principals, teachers and the school staff is the source of the impressive strides made by the school.

They welcome to students to AmrutSchool, to a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is nurtured and directed to attain their complete potential.

http://www.amrutschool.edu.in/ is a website that caters to parents and helps makes school admissions a wonderful knowledge.

Best Education Provide In Amrut School

Education is the very first starting of our life. Without proper education we just cannot have a proper life. Education is in fact power, the power to move the world around. Without education life has no meaning and life is quite useless without proper education. Education is not only necessary for a person it even keeps a lot of importance for whole country even. Schools play a very important role in the founding years of a child. Discipline, facing competition, languages, mathematics and other important subjects are all taught at school. But imparting knowledge alone cannot be termed education.

Right education needs a right school. Each and Every school should have good facilities like well atmosphere, playgrounds, infrastructure, teaching staff, experienced organizers etc. Education does not mean reading the alphabets and the numbers only; it’s about both physical and mental development of the student. The school learning infrastructure refers to the site, building, furniture and equipment that contribute to a positive learning environment and quality education for all students.

Amrut School is an English medium and Gujaratimedium primary and secondary school located at Shahibaug in Ahmedabad, India. Amrut School is one of the oldest School in Ahmedabad and our effort is to reach for the sky for physical, mental and intellectual growth of the child and the pursuit of excellence in all these fields is a relentless and a limitless quest.

Amrut School has started two verticals; first is Amrut School ranging from LKG to 12 Science & Commerce Stream having the affiliation to Gujarat State Higher Secondary Education Board. Second vertical is Amrut Centre where the syllabus is affiliated to Central Board and has classes ranging from LKG to 7th standard.

The school believes that each child is gifted with their own personal talent. Therefore the school gives equal attention to all the children and search for their talent. The objectives of the school are Academic Distinction, Morals and Ethics. They not only strive for excellence in education but also work harder in making a student a better citizen of the country.

The teaching staff at the school is very experienced. The student-teacher ratio at the school is balanced keeping in mind that every student shall get proper attention. To ensure the complete development of the children the school encourages its students to take part in various co-curricular activities that are held in school such as music, dance, arts and sports. Co-curricular activities help in developing the all-round personality of the students. Amrut School is one of the best English Medium School In Ahmedabad.

If you are looking for a bright career for your child make sure you pick a school that strikes the correct balance between academics, extra-curricular activities as well as moral values and principles.

CBSE Board Schools In Ahmedabad Gujarat Child Education

CBSE board is the name given to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The CBSE body has affiliated a large number of schools and some of the best CBSE schools in India are both public and private. Those schools who are affiliated with the CBSE board have to set high standards of education. Their popularity is rising day by day, as parents have started to realize the benefit of studying their kids at such schools.

There are many parents who prefer CBSE schools because they follow very unique teaching method which can be grasped by students easily. Mostly CBSE schools in Coimbatore witnesses large number of admissions every year. CBSE schools curriculums are working same across the country. By opting for CBSE, it becomes easier for students to get transfer to schools at different states. This is one of the reasons why parents having transferrable jobs look for CBSE Boarding school.

CBSE schools are co- educational also. They are adapting the best infrastructures and highly qualified teaching staffs who knows each child specials needs and how to maintain them in a well established manner in their school days. The co-curricular activities include many sports facilities, cultural events along with many types of quizzes and other shows. Such types of activities makes child smarter in today’s highly demanding education era. After completion of the studies all the passed out students can be well equipped in their general knowledge too, and be able to easily pursue a good career option ahead.


Ahmedabad is a well-developed city of India. This city occupies an important place in the country and is famous for a whole lot of reasons. Amrut School is situated in Shahibaug in Ahmedabad. The school was established with a vision of providing excellence education to their students.  Amrut Centre where the syllabus is affiliated to Central Board and has classes ranging from LKG to 7th standard. For proper attention, the class strength is limited to 20-25 students and special care is given to each student for physical, mental & personality development. The school should offer the perfect peaceful ambiance where kids can learn and grow up under the able guidance of loving faculties.

The school imparts quality education to its students. The school campus is very large and has spacious classrooms. Amrut CBSE School in Ahmedabad which provides quality education to the students. The school has a well developed team of teachers who are the experts in their own arena. This specialized team gives efforts individually to each and every student so that they can grow and develop properly and compete in this hi-tech age as well. The young learner’s English, key English test and preliminary English test classed are being conducted by the teachers of the school which helps towards improving the English of the students to the international level.

Amrut CBSE School which offer excellent infrastructure, lots of open spaces and spacious school buildings along with state-of-the-art facilities. With more than hundred schools in Ahmedabad, we will evaluate the top 10 schools of Ahmedabad.


Amrut School Manage Management Activities By eduWare

Amrut School is one of the oldest institution of Ahmedabad. Amrut Schools help the child to learn while growing. We believe that before children learn to read or write, they must effectively be trained to communicate intelligently and with confidence.

Amrut School using School Software Management for manage their management activities. School software management is computerized system that has changed the definition of school management. Specially designed school management software records all data related to each and every individual who is a part of an institution, maintain them and store them in an organized way.

School management software’s may also be termed as student information systems as it maintains all data of every single student in an educational institution. One can get all details like name, address, contact number, photograph and data of his/her performance as a student in classes and exams, marks received in each subject and attendance records simply by clicking on specific sections provided by the software.

Online school management software is of huge demand these days. School management software keeps record of teachers and non-teaching staff too. It collects all data being uploaded by staff and then stores them in specific sections so that one can get it just by clicking.

This software’s also helps institutions in terms of expense management and salary generation. Institutions that run boarding houses for students need to maintain separate records for expenses and maintenance. School management software is a perfect tool to keep a track on these things.

Using this software now we are easily manage all the administrative activities like Student Information Management, Staff Information, Accounting Management, Student Results, Time Table, Fees Reports etc. This all activities now in one software so we manage all this easily.  Amrut School is now count in top schools in Ahmedabad.


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